To start the year off in the first quarter is always difficult to grasp the listeners attention with good music especially after the holidays, people are still focused on last years material etc. But the LA Trio “Late Bloomers” want to grab the masses there attention quite fast with their first retail release after their free project entitled the “Growth Series,” the three musicians which consists of Ahhzel, Nonstop, and DJ/producer Really Nathan, released “Three Shades Brown EP” on Tres Records, which is the home of some pretty dope underground heavyweights such as Johnson & Jonson, Giant Panda, Paten Locke, and Shawn Jackson just to name a few.  How Late Bloomers were formed is sort of random but still unique in a sense, Ahhzel was in a law school lecture class not paying attention writing rhymes instead of notes while texting NonStop about forming a rap group well there you have it.

This project came together in a very natural way, starting from conversations in regards to there skin complexion and there uneven tans, but the “Three Shades Brown” represents simply the fun atmosphere and playfulness in the music and there lives as well. Its a 6 Track Ep that you can purchase either as an LP or a 12 inch, all written and produced by the three while really Nathan handles most of the production, this project consists of melodies and soul music which basically the trio are trying to bring that good ol West Coast hip hop back. The first single off the EP is the Erykah Badu sampled “Never Don’t Grow” which has Badu’s voice soulfully chopped and singing through the course of the track , it’s produced by both Ahhzel and Really Nathan, the track is about perseverance and growth development and following your own path. “Money Maker”  is a uplifting message about the love of money and how it makes the world go round with the hook stating “Make the money but don’t ever let the money make you” Then there’s the trip  down memory lane of “Sandbox” where Ahhzel and Nonstop speak on growing up when they were younger, with cuts of a sampled  Shawn Jackson “Ever Since I was playing in the sandbox”  brings a soulful back and forth nod your head type of vibe, which is whats missing now and days, personally if you ask me they couldn’t been wrong to release this project for the hungry hip hop heads that’s all about supporting that raw as much as i do.  The way this group was formed again was very awesome and unique in its own way, and the three have the music to prove it, following a new found direction going from locals just making music for the fun and love of it to a enhanced polished super group from LA.

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