The name of cultish band Wu Lyf stands for World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation. Intrigued? That’s the idea, as the Mancunian four-piece – at least according to their ambiguous Facebook page there are four of them – refuse to give interviews, their website is littered with vague manifestos (“The Lucifer Youth Foundation is a non-for-profit organization anchored to the concrete truths of unconditioned youth”) and even vaguer photomontages, mostly depicting the Third World. What do they sound like then? Like organ-led grunge via Manchester’s baggy scene. Catch them in a rare appearance outside a church, while the hype is still hot.

Wu Lyf at The Arches, 253 Argyle Street, Glasgow on Tuesday 1st of February,       7.30pm. Tickets £6.50 + bf.

Watch the video for Heavy Pop