Since bursting onto the mainstream pop scene in 2009, Lady Gaga has fast become one of the most exciting and talented pop idols of our generation. No.1s, shock frocks, controversial videos, countless awards…Gaga has done it all while remaining original and relevant.

Unpredictable, admired, replicated and inspiring, Gaga has influenced millions of ‘little monsters’ throughout the world, sold truckloads of albums, worn a dress made entirely out of meat, and inspired an episode of hit US sitcom, ‘Glee’. Now it seems even Barbie wants to be her.

Thanks to fashion designer Anna Chong, 23, of London’s College Of Fashion, that is now possible.┬áChong has created a range of Gaga-inspired outfits for dolls, including the infamous meat dress.┬áThis bizarre collection will allow Barbie to replicate some of Gaga’s most shocking outfits to date, including the red lace gown and crown from the MTV Video Music Awards, the orbit dress from the Grammy’s, and, of course, Gaga’s American flag two-piece from her controversial promo, ‘Telephone’.

It took Chong two weeks to design the meat dress as she tried and tested numerous outfits made from salami, honey-roasted ham and raw beef strips, before finally settling on a Parma ham creation.

The Gaga-inspired collection – set to be the must-have toy of the year – has been produced exclusively for Harumika, a company that makes mini-mannequins, allowing children to design and create their own outfits.

Chong is immensely pleased with her creations. “Lady Gaga is a true trend-setter with her unconventional outfits causing a major stir in the fashion world. I am hoping the mini-collection, which takes a fraction of the time and cost to replicate, will send the toy world Gaga – and [I] advise supermarkets to stock up on their supplies of Parma ham!”

The dolls are currently being premiered at London Toy Fair. Watch the meat dress being put together here.