The Dirtbombs pay homage to the birthplace of techno with this selection of garage rock reversions of classics from the 80s and early 90s. The album kicks off with Cybotron’s 1982 track ‘Cosmic Cars’, which easily lends itself to note for note reinterpretation; also from 1982 is ‘Shari Vari’, a song that arguably, along with Cybotron’s ‘Alleys of Your Mind’ (which appears later on) were two of the most seminal early recordings of the genre. So far, little differs from the originals apart from the synths being replaced by jangling guitars, however it’s the more accomplished records such as Inner City’s ‘Good Life’ and Derrick May’s ubiquitous ‘Strings of Life’ where The Dirtbombs’ versions come into their own; Carl Craig’s ode to jazz, ‘Bug in the Bassbin’ becomes a 21 minute-long slice of grunged-up psychedelia, with programming from the man himself. Party Store makes rock music exciting all over again – ironic that it’s a covers album of Detroit techno records.

Party Store is out now on In The Red.