After Friendly Fires and Calvin Harris showed the world that the Brits can do energetic electro pop as well as anyone else, Fenech-Soler followed in their footsteps with an even more European-sounding sheen. New single ‘Demons’ falls into the category of immediately infectious and familiar, while retaining a somewhat timeless quality. Singer Ben Duffy’s vocals are mellow enough to accompany the upbeat nature of the track, but still have enough conviction to convey its lyrical dark edges: “Hello old friend/The night is dark and I feel cold/The sun is setting/I need to get out before it’s dark”. The song is just over 3 minutes long, the chorus kicks in after the minute mark – they don’t want to keep your feet still for long. Accompanied by a whole pack of remixes, Fenech-Soler is a name to watch out for in 2011, be it on the radio, TV or dancefloor.

‘Demons’ is out today on B-Unique.

Watch the video here.