9Th Wonder’s label It’s a Wonderful World Music group/Jamala, just continues to release projects after projects and to be honest it’s very difficult to keep up with his artists from Rapsody, Sean Boog, Actual Proof, Thee Tom Hardy, Big Remo, Skyzoo, to Heather Victoria(hope I got everyone), but 9Th has a top established roster that puts out very good quality hip hop music, last year a lone each of the artists that listed above put out a project included with visuals courtesy of Price films which just shows that consistency is the key to leave your mark in music in general so that’s 9th’s powerful factor in running a underground label.

Earlier this week 9th’s artist Halo aka Mr. Ben Ready released a quite intriguing boom bap hip hop free album entitled “Heat Writer II”  with production by Soul Concil, Khrysis, 9th Wonder, Amp, and Kash, with guest verses by his label mates from IWWMG. On the Amp Produced, “The Real” feat. Sean Boog, Halo displays very good penmanship with rhymes like “la di da di/as I’m walking through the lobby/5 star all because I’m nice with the hobby/ mainly stating how Halo is receiving praise and props with the line of work that he does that was once considered something that he may have done on his spare time, which sums up the fact that a lot of upcoming artists are trying to accomplish, Halo’s style of word placement works well over Amps signature style of production with his recognizable cuts usage of a hook. A brief listen i automatically knew that this album was video gamed themed just by the artwork, which is very ill I’m trying to grasp on where I’ve seen the cover from a arcade game I’m thinking its “Final Fight”  Khrysis assisted Halo with  a Capcom sample on “Topic of Conversation” where you can truly here barbers discussing on there favorite emcee is and why such and such is better than that person, that’s the type of vibe i receive when i here this jam, and its strictly just beats and rhymes just how i prefer my hip hop. Halo presence and showmanship on this joint guarantee will impress fans and potential new listeners “My summers so hot you need an extra month, i push may back like ross and em cats” just WOW!!  Since Feb is the celebration of J-Dilla, “Plan B”  would definitely make a good single on any dilla heads play list for this month, with 9th Wonder in charge of production chops, with guest verses from Skyzoo, and TP, i always appreciate producers who can flip a similar sample that has already been used in this case 9Th flipped J-Dilla’s “The Official” off of “Champion Sound” 9Th’s version is more chopped up, and dilla’s was more looped but you can hear that signature sound from the kicks and snares.

DL the joint HERE

Heat Writer is a solid project and a very easy listen, some lines may go over your head so you may have scroll back some lol, as far as this being a introductory of Halo to the world i think 9Th and Halo did an excellent job in putting this 18 track project together to hopefully get listeners old and new prepped for an actual retail project. You can download Halo’s “Heat Writer II” at www.djbooth.net/index/mixtapes/entry/haloheatwriterii/

Jammin on the One Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW3ph1LI3Xg

Boom Bap Radio Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXBwbG_H_OU