What’s the term called “short and sweet” as hip hop listeners we can use that in most cases, where sometimes there’s albums that are way too long and instead of just straight forward good music, there’s a lot of filler and in all honesty i believe the perfect album consists of 10 tracks if its that good, Sene and Brown Bag All Stars Producer/emcee/DJ J57 dropped a Free EP online a couple months ago in conjunction with Okayplayer.com entitled “Eye don’t dream…but i do” the project consists of 5 tracks just a little something to set the people over before there actual release that’s dropping later this year. These two are really busy musicians with Sene(Pronounced Scene) dropping his album with production from Cali emcee BLU called “A day late and a Dollar Short” a year or two ago, which is actually a solid project, last year with his “Reality Bites” project as well, and J57 behind majority of BBAS production, doing joints for the likes of Homeboy Sandman, Blame One, and Soul Kahn, and releasing a beat tape project called “Digital Society,” but this project from the two was very secretive and came out of no where, at times i like surprises from artists just releasing projects at random without all of the constant leaks every week hyping up anticipation.
What I enjoy about Sene as a emcee is his persona and honesty that he brings on a track, on the self-proclaimed “Complainer” Sene finds himself reminiscing the times catching the bus going to school, as oppose to almost doing the similar routine years later as adult going to work on the train sitting by the same kids at the age he used to be, of him just analyzing the transition of change. 57 laces sene with some nice back drop keys to give him lead way on the melodic hook, “guess ima complainer, ups and downs, round and round, and its hard to contain it…” On the introductory “4U” Sene hurdles thru 57’s vocal sampled with consistent rhyme patterns(that i prefer now any day over punchlines, if you can some how incorporate the punchline in the pattern is a bonus) he use’s lines like “ima songwriter, strong fighter, letting bones light up, running stoves, using stoves as a bone lighter/….doing shows fucking broke, pulling all nighters/…one thing I noticed in the production value is 57 using the filter thru out the course of the track which i haven’t heard in a long time since maybe some of the vintage madlib and 9th wonder beats.
Sene and j57 “Eye don’t dream..but i do” listeners take this joint as a prelude to what is to come later on this year for ther full length collaboration album, you can download there project here at http://kevinnottingham.com/2010/11/18/sene-j57-eye-dont-dream-but-i-do-ep/# and definitely keep supporting honesty thru beats and rhymes, what more could you really ask for.
The Complainer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bl5JUP_w5No
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