Teenage summers should be filled with rolling around beaches with your friends, frolicking whilst the sun smothers you with its warm comforting rays; they should be carefree as you stroll, Ray Ban sunglasses and swimming shorts galore. That’s exactly what Beat Connection manage to spark up, albeit a little more American summer than British.

They’re not exactly subtle about it either.  Comparisons to The Drums have already been drawn. There’s the mini debut titled Surf Noir and there’s a picture of a beach on the cover. Did we also mention that they have a song called In the Water?’ What would one even classify as surf noir? A black and white film of youths with striped swim caps gallivanting around Blackpool Pleasure Beach having a jolly good time? So now comes debut single ‘Silver Screen’ dropping from the sky in a sunlit glow but is it SP-Fabulous or SP-Fail?

It’s all one space age beach party for Beat Connection. They’ve thrown the tribal experimentation of Vampire Weekend (courtesy of the twee pan pipes) onto the barbie, and drizzled it with a splash of LSD-inspired MGMT space travel. They’re partying on the beach like it’s summer 2089, and it all cascades together, forgetting to  take itself too seriously. The glistening robotic synths and the heartbeat of a club bass launches it to the depths of Daft Punk. This is the soundtrack to an 80s John Hugh’s teen flick with Matthew Broderick wearing tin foil sandals swimming in the seas of Mercury.

Allusions to multi-coloured fantasy are applied lyrically as Jordan Koplowitz reflects: “I looked in the sunset, but it was all a dream.” It’s music to sit down to on a cove as  you watch the sun rise in the early hours of the morning, before your satellite of a room rotates, placing earth in view of your horizon.

Silver Screen is out on 28th of February on Tender Age.