Baltimore-based artist and gallery owner Seth Adelsberger has taken a dramatic leap in his work since his 2009 solo exhibition “Semi-Final Frontiers” at Civilian. In that time he has pursued a curatorial path as co-director of Nudashank (a gallery in Baltimore run with his partner Alex Ebstein). Stepping back to see a bigger picture of how works thread into a greater whole, Adelsberger has departed from his signature vivid, sci-fi psychedelia based works to examine the mechanisms, literally and philosophically, behind painting.

Pursuing a more experimental process in the studio, Adelsberger released himself from constraints, particularly that of “creating worlds” on the canvas. Instead he focused on, according to the artist, “creating a body of work that references painting but in many cases doesn’t involve painting directly.” The new work deconstructs painting to its base elements – the structures, supports, formats, and materials.

So come peep his work at:

Civilian Art Projects 1019 7th Street NW / Washington, DC / 20001 / p: 202-607-3804 /

February 26 – April 9, 2011

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 26, 7-9pm