Burgeoning into soppy territory here, Exlovers are a band who should touch you like a current/ex-lover’s whispers in your ears as you lay next to each other, savouring the tranquillity of your time together. Amidst the nostalgic memoirs of Smashing Pumpkins/Pixies-esque racing guitars, Pete’s vocals fail to strike an impression. The lacklustre laments get drowned out in a smoke of shoe gaze distortion as Pete cries: “Blowing kisses, telling tales, I know you’re waiting for someone else,” resulting in a moment not dissimilar to when a teenager loses their head after laying eyes on someone they desire. It all fails to flourish and crosses the line of annoyingly pastiche; Blowing Kisses’ (even the title sounds rather clichéd) won’t exit the Mills and Boons world that it inhabits. On that note, it should be left in Waterstone’s romance section this time round.

Blowing Kisses is out on March 7th on Young and Lost Club. Watch the video here.

Exlovers play The Lexington on Monday 28th of February.