“If anybody who’s a true hip hop head has to know about J-Dilla and his legacy he brought to hip hop, if you’re in the Maryland, DC area come out to Club Reaility this Sunday and come celebrate Dilla’s legacy for the 5th annual “Forever Shining” with T-3 of Slum Village headlining, with also a special guest appearance from “Ma Dukes” Mrs. Yancey herself. (Dilla’s mother), includes live performances from some of Baltimore’s talented artists(im rocking as well) all backed behind the Bangladesh project, also very important were accepting 10 dollar donations for the J-Dilla foundation for lupus (which is what he died of), so we’re not only celebrating the music of J-Dilla but also contributing on the rare blood disease called lupus, so hopefully we’ll see you there and good spirits we’ll be there for J-Dilla lets raise it up!!!