There are five reasons to go out this weekend. Follow our advice, and you might not remember a thing come Monday!

Screening and FIRST afterparty for Matt Porterfield’s local masterpiece, Putty Hill. The film screens at the Charles and the Metro Gallery is hosting the party afterward!

For the non-cinefiles, there’s the best monthly dance party going on at Lith Hall. The weather is cool with a chance of hip so dress mod.

Wow. This is a biggie. There’s only two places you want to be tmorw night.

And the ensuing Friends Records’ after party for Celebration’s LP release at the Ottobar. It’s also the SECOND Putty Hill afterparty.
Featuring DJ sets from:
Cullen Stalin (ice age, TaxLo, NO RULE)
William Cashion (Future Islands)
Katrina Ford (Celebration)
Upstairs at the Ottobar

Ya get all that??