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Lazerbitch, who will be performing in the Charm City Fashion Show in April, have a new website AND a new track. We think that I Loved You is their strongest yet. EEnotno

Latest tracks by Lazerbitch

NO RULE hosts:

Welcome two of Philly’s most valuable promoters & cultural producers, Dirty South Joe and Flufftronix – as the ‘LUVSTEP’ concept makes its Baltimore debut!

“The self-explanatory project is the brainchild of an unlikely pair: Dirty South Joe and Flufftronix. The duo’s annual Luvstep mixtape highlights swoony dubstep remixes of songs that cover everything from shoegaze to lesser-known r&b songstresses …to straight bangers from within the genre itself. But the real beauty of the series lies in the composition: The usual weighty tracks that just kind of drag along are toned down (with emo vocals highlighted for maximum heartwrenching), while airy melodies are stretched out and mixed together to create a surprisingly coherent, drawn-out daydream perfect for long car rides or calming pre-date nerves. (That said, it’s also perfect for listless bouts of depression.)” [Puja Patel, Village Voice]
NO RULE will also feature opening sets from Unruly Records’ SCOTTIE B and TaxLo’s CULLEN STALIN, playing the usual mix of house, bass, club, funky, and whatever else they’re feeling.

The Metro Gallery
1700 N Charles

Latest tracks by flufftronix

Luvstep 2 Teaser from flufftronix on Vimeo.

Happy B-Day to Bmore musician Ami Dang!