When an artist creates their debut, in their mind they want that album to be classic material so what comes with the line of work? time consumption to make sure everything is perfect from the mix down, the body of artwork hell! even the shout outs(making sure you didn’t forget anybody). Baltimore Emcee/Producer Sean Toure is on a mission to making his debut album “Sound Channeler” stand out as classic material, with appearances on the album from Kev Brown, Diamond District, J-Sands, Soulstice and a few others, dropping later this year. Sean’s First single off the project is “A Day in the Life” feat. Kev Brown & Ab-rock which finds the three trying to balance out every day life situations, in between of staying focused and making music keep up with there craft i should say, the hook states “heart and soul that’s what we give em!” what i grasp from this particular joint is motivation and feel good music, first listen immediately put a smile on my face i must say not because I’m a huge hip hop junkie, but just cause there’s a message stated in each verse among the three. Sean, hailing from Baltimore, Md is truly in this music for the love, and being that the business has its ups and downs he proves that he’s never going to give up. You can check Sean’s single HERE and purchase the single along with the instrumental….

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