DJ, producer, remixer and Kompakt A&R man Michael Mayer will be finding time in his hectic  schedule to grace the decks at Fabric this Saturday. If you’ve listened to any of his three Immer compilations, his Fabric 13 mix or his spectacular Supermayer remix of Rufus Wainwright’s ‘Tiergarten’, you’ll be aware that this is a very special occasion indeed. He is joined by Parisian electro house purveyor Ivan Smagghe, while Swedish techno DJs Cari Lekebush and Alexi Delano are in room 2. That’s not all though, as Steffi’s official Yours And Mine album launch party will be taking place in room 3.

Room 1: Craig Richards/Michael Mayer/Ivan Smagghe

Room 2: Terry Francis/H-PRODUCTIONS/Cari Lekebusch/The Advent (Live)/Alexi Delano

Room 3: Steffi

Saturday 19th March, 11pm – 8am at Fabric. Tickets: £18/£10 for students and concessions.