Cut Copy’s third album Zonoscope is a melting pot of psychedelia, disco, synth-pop and…bongos. Drummer Mitchell Scott took some time out to tell us about bunkering down in a makeshift studio to create the record.

How would you describe Zonoscope to someone who hasn’t yet listened to it?

It’s a record by Cut Copy, which if you haven’t heard our records before would be hard for me to describe for you.  It’s a hypnotic journey through space and time past, present and future and dimensions known and unknown – ultimately the destination is now and the message is one of love.

You took a slightly unconventional approach to recording the album by eschewing the confines of a conventional recording studio. How has this affected the overall sound?

We’d recorded our previous records in commercial studios and worked with producers, this time we had an inclination that it would be great to take control of the process ourselves.  We found a giant warehouse and set ourselves up within it, fashioning recording enclosures out of whatever blankets/mattresses/linen we could find and lugging all our gear in there.  Basically, it was about [making] the recording space our own – somewhere we were comfortable to try anything we could think of to find its way onto the record.

What were you listening to while you were making the album?

While we made the record we listened to the demos of the record – we were constantly listening back to what we were demoing and revising them as we went.   But before that we were listening to a combination of old favourites and new discoveries – from the Beach Boys to Bowie to Gonja Sufi to My Disco.

Were you concerned about matching the success of previous albums?

We were really happy with the success of our previous records – but each one of our fans is different, and if you try to please everybody you wind up pleasing nobody.  Instead we set out to make a record that primarily was of interest to us – we just made a record that inspired us to work on it and allowed room for experimentation and for us to follow through our ideas.  If we make or lose fans as a result then I can deal with that.

You’re embarking on a European tour, how do you find the audiences compare over here to your native Australia?

It’s quite different in the fact that you can drive for a few hours and find yourself in a new country, whereas Australians are spread thinly across a vast expanse.  Once you’re inside a venue watching a band though, people behave pretty much the same the world over – if they’re into it they will dance and go nuts, and if not then you’re screwed…

What’s next in the pipeline for you?

We are currently staring down the barrel of a year-long tour, so we’re looking forward to getting to a bunch of places around the world and playing songs from our new record.   After that we’re looking forward to writing another record and perhaps a day or two off.

New single Need You Now is out on 4th April.
Zonoscope is out now on Modular.