There is no denying that singer/songwriter Patrick Wolf brings something quite different to modern music today. His unique take on everything from folk to techno-pop using a variety of instruments including the viola and the ukulele makes Wolf’s a set that even his detractors are keen to see.

Bringing his individual sound to Glasgow’s Oran Mor – a fantastic live venue which is simply not used enough – over half an hour later than scheduled was quickly forgotten by his legion of fans, who threatened to blow the roof off in a hero-worship frenzied welcome. Every inch the showman, Wolf  effortlessly mesmerized the girls and boys with his impressive back catalogue, and even new tracks from his latest offering, Lupercalia, were met with the same zest as his better known hits.

Wolf generated excitement, enjoyment, and energy in his audience – something that is sometimes lacking in live gigs today. Critics have blasted Wolf for his style over substance approach, but by bringing a much-needed dose of glamour and showmanship, Wolf undoubtedly gave the people what they wanted.