Debut my eye. Auction are evidently some sort of super indie conglomerate, harvested from experienced bands and passed off as rookies, because this record smacks of experience. ‘Statues’ is a happy car crash of energy and lethargy, stopping just short of boot-stomping acceleration. The opening line of “If this gets heavy, I’ll turn back and run” mirrors the momentum perfectly; vocalist Joseph Sigee nips off at the end for some fortifying Lucozade, tantalisingly slamming the brakes on before the final punch. This control lends the track its charm, and sets it apart from all too prevalent, tediously predictable crash-bang climactic zeniths – it is mounting modulation curtailed just before being cranked up to eleven. Auction are a shameless tease, but they sure do pull it off with dignity.

Listen: Auction – Statues

Statues is out on 18th of April on Westfest Records