Welcome to our first SRW! As we’re hardcore comic geeks, we approached the Fells Point comic/manga/collectible superstore Graphic Novelty to come up with a “picks of the week” type thing!
Now, we give you Ian. Your dungeon master/comic lord! If you collect or are curious about collecting, stop by the store and get a tour. 🙂

It was a little hard for me to come up with 8 gems. that’s because the first Wednesday of the month is usually pretty barren for some reason. Anyways here’s what I’m excited about for the coming week.

1. Annihilators #2. I came kind of late to the Abnett/ Lanning cosmic party. But one of my customers let me borrow the trades to catch up, and I’m pleased as punch that they did..
All the annihilation stuff is great. It’s kind of like Marvel’s answer to Green Lantern. But’s it’s not as derivative as I just made it sound.

2. The Boys #53. The Boys is pretty much rotten sickness from cover to cover. It’s awful, awful stuff with no socially redeeming value at all. I love it.

3.Fear Itself #1. Matt Fraction is great. Yeah, his X-men stuff has gotten kind of stale lately. But his Iron Man run is perfect. It is without flaw. Stuart Immonen is one the best & most prolific artists in mainstream comics.
This event is going to reign supreme.

4.Orc Stain #6. A little late. But James Stokoe’s art is worth waiting even longer for. It’s dense, & insane, & a joy to look at.

5.Secret Six #32. One of D.C.’s funnest titles. Gail Simone has a very distinctive sense of humor. She seems to have recast Bane as Eliza Doolittle.
The man who broke the bat is learning to come out of his shell. We could all learn a lesson from Bane. A lesson about life. A lesson about love.

6.Solomon Kane: Red Shadows #1. Almost all of Dark Horse’s comics that are based on Robert E. Howard’s old stories have been amazing. Their recent Conan comics have been the best Conan Stories I’ve ever read. Truman & Giorello’s new King Conan series is just stupid good. I’ve had to slap myself after each issue. Dark Horse loves Robert E. Howard. I love Robert E. Howard. I’m expecting big things from the new Solomon Kane limited series.

7. Sweet Tooth #20. Sweet Tooth is my second favorite end of the world book right now. Jeff Lemire’s weird animal hybrid genesis apocalypse story alternates between being gut wrenchingly scary and head scratchingly strange. I really like it.

8. Chew #18. Chew is a very fun book. They try to make that poor bastard eat all kinds of nasty stuff. I got a lot of sympathy for Agent Tony Chu.

Well, that’s it for this week That’s all I got. Wait till the next Walking Dead or Wolverine or FF comes out. Then I’ll have lots to say. Lots.

Like John Landis said, “see you next Wednesday!”