Entrepreneurs is Adam M. Crisp, pest controller. He lays waste to household vermin by day & makes music after the massacre. Reaper to the ‘rachnids Crisp may be, but he certainly avoids the demented eccentricities expected of him – complacently controlling the equally respectable twin disciplines of entomology and music production without allowing condemned creepy-crawlies to intrude on his devastatingly snarled jumble of messy beats. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you get to see a song as a mental image. With ’Fuck Tactics’ it’s a resoundingly insane game of Tetris played by someone who doesn’t quite understand how to play it, all unexpected geometric dips with linear vocals. The track features FOE and Ghostpoet, nicely passing the baton of anodyne listless chant from artist to artist, in a good way – nobody likes a zealot, and it‘s trendy ‘cos you don‘t care. The lyrics however certainly convey that morsel of mental illness which is the cornerstone of any nutritious music, and lend the heavily controlled track a vulnerable charm. ‘Bubblegunk’ (see video below) is less experimental and has an electro-predictability which keeps you slightly less enthralled, but nonetheless buoyant. Entrepreneurs deserves respect. He will inevitably be illustrious and massively successful. Unfortunately for the rest of us, this means the rats will probably inherit the Earth.

Fuck Tactics is out now on Fear & Records.