It takes balls to be honest in your music, and never thinking about the response from critics or new listeners. Being very modest to me is more powerful then punchlines, and crazy word play if presented correctly. Melo Music latest signee Has-Lo, released his album “In Case I Don’t Make It” where it finds the emcee/producer(who by the way produced the whole album) letting out his frustration with intricate story telling through rhyme, the production is very eerie and moody but still maintains that golden era boom bap sound, what caused me to check Has-Lo out was from his story telling skills on the “Helpless Dreamer” project, the track “Black Rose” sparked an interest for me to check Has-Lo out.

“Forgotten Styles” reminds me of some a night at the park, where madd heads are just kicking rhymes just for the sake and love for hip hop, has-lo crafts rewind button lines like, “Vocally stomp out beats, leave a giant shoe print/……i can pioneer your hit, like Rick Rubin/. This album is not for the weak minded i must stress, that with this particular project i honestly feel that its made to lounge to and actually sit down and pay attention to the introspective lyrics. Even though through out the album Lo’s production is smooth mellow and laid back, but on the cinematic strings of “Fiber Optics” it has a bit of an uptempo feel surprisingly. the concept behind this driven track is the emcee against entertainers etc. “Untitled #1” finds Lo, being self emotional, you can hear in the verse’s that its really heart felt he touches on topics throughout this joint from not receiving paid gigs as a hip hop artist, while his significant other is working, and the lost of one of his closest relatives due to medical staff, the sample looped up matches perfect through Lo’s honest timeline.  The high light of this album is “Storm Clouds” with some rain drops playing in the background over lapped with some soulful vocals, guarantee will have you pressing repeat, in the verses Lo uses a lot Greek mythology references, one listen you’ll be certainly convinced that this is what hip hop is suppose to sound like. In Closing its proven if you have the talent to master your craft by all means do it, the Philly native all he needed was a vocal booth, a MPC and just that particular zone.

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