It’s that time of the week when DC, Marvel, IDW, Top Cow, Dark Horse etc.. battle it out for your hard cash.
Thankfully, we’ve got the witty Ian of Graphic Novelty’ to guide us to what’s good.
If it’s Wednesday, it’s Ian’s 8!

Strong week for new releases. Let’s begin with the title I’m most excited about; Shield Infinity.

1. Shield Infinity. The First Volume of Shield just came out of nowhere & floored me. It was weird & audacious.It had stuff like Galactus vs. The Renaissance, & Chinese warlords defeating the Celestials with poetry.
Reed Richards’ & Tony Starks’ dads were putting in work as 2 fisted pulp science heroes. Nostradamus is in it & he looks like a crazy homeless person! Terrific stuff! I’m expecting big things from Shield Infinity.

2. Amazing Spider Man #658. Dan Slott’s run on Amazing Spider Man is the best thing to happen to 616 Spidey since Romita Sr. was drawing it. I know a lot of people who haven’t touched a Spider-Man comic in years because they’re still mad about One More Day or The Clone war or something. Those people are missing out on some of the best Super Hero Comics ever. Slott lets Spidey’s supporting cast get a lot of screen time, & the result is classic Stan Lee inspired soap opera action. Amazing Spider Man is firing on all cylinders and all is right with the universe.

3.Northlanders #39. Northlanders is what Thor would be like if Chuck Bukowski wrote it.

4. Superboy #6. For the first time in my life, I find myself waiting anxiously for Superboy to come out. Jeff Lemire’s really made me care about Smallville & Ma Kent. In always thought I was too cool for school to care about Smallville & Ma Kent. Apparently not though.

5. New Avengers #11. Reading a New avengers Comic is like wearing a pair of comfortable slippers. I have consistently enjoyed this title in all it’s incarnations since Bendis started writing it. The rhythm of the stories in New avengers are untouchable. Bendis has untouchable rhythm when it come to this team of super heroes. Luke cage & Spider Man are hilarious together. I would seriously still read this book if it only had Luke Cage & Spider Man eating breakfast cereal & talking about the Jersey Shore. And it has Wolverine & The Thing in it. They’re adorable together! Did you read the issue where you find out Wolverine & Squirrel Girl had a thing going on?! What the heck was that about?! Go read this book!

6. Walking Dead Survivor’s Guide #1. They call it the Survivor’s guide, but I understand it’s going to feature dead characters too. Which is a good thing since the dead outnumber the survivors by a very large margin in this title.

7.Ultimate Comics Spider Man #157 I lost some of my interest in the Ultimate Universe after the incomprehensible slap in the face that men call “Ultimatum”. I’ve always loved Ultimate Spider-Man as a character and always will. But after Ultimatum the experience of reading any Ultimate title felt somehow tainted. Now that Mark Bagley is back drawing though, it feels like he never left. It feels like Ultimatum never happened. It feels like it’s ok to start enjoying Ultimate books again.

8. Secret warriors #26. Even though I’m glad this is a finite story with an end in mind, I’m sad it’s almost over. Give ’em hell Nick Fury. Give ’em hell.