One dubious question which goes forever unanswered is, what can I do to reinvent myself now? This usually comes after a cluster of piercings are allocated to the upper ear and enough random swallows are etched onto equally random body parts.

Unfortunately we don’t come from a society where natural beauty is warranted or even sought after – girls have no problems sporting outrageously faux hair colours or glueing on their falsie lashes on the tube. So when everyone has already done everything, what lies beneath?

The answer my friend, is 3D nail art. Whilst this may sound slightly Jamaican dance-hall queen or Japanese Harajuku tween there are numerous valid reasons why this is the future.

Primarily, you can be as inventive as you wish with them. Large spinning windmills on the tips may not be to your taste, but perhaps bright neon daffodils are more up your alley this summer? As seen on the likes of celebrities Katy Perry, Rihanna and M.I.A, 3D nail art is positively booming in the UK. Back in September whilst we were getting our aviators jackets out and stepping into fur-lined clogs, Topshop Unique showcased their s/s 11 collection with an assortment of models boasting gem-encrusted nails.

However, looking at the latest ‘improvements’ to this trend, the 3D art showed on the catwalks is due to be undermined, especially since nails are now actually perforated to look like full-blown lace or glued with mini, fully-erect Eiffel Towers complete with enough bling to simulate the late-night light show.

During the last Comic Relief, Claire’s jumped on the band-wagon and launched a stunning Red Nose Day Red varnish. All shoppers who purchased the special pack got their nails made up by fabulous nail artists from WAH nails, who painted on a choice of pirates, monsters or little geeks onto new red nails with the utmost detail.

And so, 3D nail artists are now cropping up all over London, yet the best artists are those from independent salons who have not been crash-coursed or mass taught, but have slowly and steadily learnt their trade over the years. Nice Nails Baby is a hidden underground gem in Victoria who specialise in these fabulous 3D nails. I think it’s safe to say, the nail adorations are here to stay.