With success there comes a hefty price, and mulletover can hardly claim to be an “underground” rave anymore, however rather than attempt a U-turn in the fashion of Secretsundaze (who last year ground all promotion to a halt in a bid to get back to their roots) founder Geddes decided to create a new party from scratch, using some of East London’s cosier venues and booking exciting names such as Tensnake, Gerd Janson and The Revenge. “Mulletover has been a huge success over the last seven years and it’s something I’ve been extremely proud of” he says. “However with success, popularity and the bigger something gets you lose the intimacy on a dance floor. At mulletover we always aim to create that by keeping the stages low near the ground which works, but it’s hard for everyone to feel it when our main rooms are 1000 capacity!  nofitstate feels like you’re DJing in someone’s front room, there’s always a vibe and you can easily feel it.  It’s important for me to DJ in places where the connection is there, nofitstate enables me to do so under my own terms.  I’m particular with sound and how things should be at parties, creating the whole vibe is something I thrive on.”

The upcoming nofitstate party sees in the start of Easter with veteran DJ Roman Flugel, whose CV boasts production credits for Sven Vath, remixes for Pet Shop Boys and The Human League, regular sets at Panorama Bar/Robert Johnson/Amnesia and a discography as long as your arm. Accompanying Flugel on the decks will be Geddes himself as well as the disco-tastic Bad Passion Project. If that wasn’t enough, all the fun takes place in the gorgeous 300-capacity loft pictured below.

Thursday 21st of April, 10pm ­- 6am at The Loft, 1 Kingsland Road, E2 8AA (Black door to the left of the Old Shoreditch Station bar). Tickets are £10 from Resident Advisor.

Listen: Roman Flügel – Stricher