Once a week, Ian, the manager of Graphic Novelty in Fells, regals us and guides us through the racks of new comics. So far his picks have been right on based on sales!

But that’s enough of us..here’s Ian:

Many excellent new comics are coming out this week. Here are 8 of my favorites.

1. Avengers #12. This isn’t my favorite current avengers title. It isn’t even my favorite Bendis avengers title. But it’s still a great comic, & one that I look forward to every month. Even if it does have the Red Hulk in it.
“Red Hulk”. Sheesh.

2. Fables #104. I’ve been a fan of Bill Willingham ever since he was drawing the covers for D&D modules back in the 70s. He’s come so far since then. I mean, it’s not like Dave Trampier is Vertigo’s most valuable resource nowadays.

3. Green Lantern #65. Green Lantern is cool. I think Green Lantern’s Rogue’s Gallery has surpassed Batman’s & Spiderman’s Rogue’s Gallery in terms of memorable greatness. No comic book villain amuses me like greedy-ass Larfleeze does. Larfleeze is like what Donald Trump would be like if Donald Trump was a slightly less fictional character. And an alien. With a power ring.

4.Super Dinosaur#1. Two weeks ago Robert Kirkman made me cry ( walking Dead fans know what I’m talking about). Now it’s time for him to make me laugh. Make me laugh Super Dinosaur. Make me forget the troubles of the world.

5.Wolverine #8. I’ve been digging Jason Aaron’s run on Wolverine since he was writing Weapon X. Unlike a lot of other writers at Marvel, Aaron seems able to reconcile the wild card berserker Wolverine of yesteryear with the gruff but wise father figure he’s become in the modern age. Wolverine can be a hard character to get right. Especially since he’s been written in so many different ways over the years: some great, some not so great. Different people expect different things from the old canuckle head, and you can’t please all the people all the time. That being said, I’m pleased pretty much all the time with Wolverine’s regular title.

6.X-Factor#218. Pound for pound, X-Factor is by far the weirdest of all the X titles. Keeping it unshackled to the current direction of all things X has a lot to do with that I think. Peter David seems like he’s having a lot of fun with these characters.

7.Uncanny X Force #8. I never used to care for X Force. I always associated it with 90s Rob Liefield and everything that went along with it. Big shoulder pads, lotsa pockets, weird little feet,… Cable. It definitely had a very specific aesthetic. The current incarnation doesn’t have a lot of that. But it does have Deadpool feeding his own flesh to a wounded Warren Worthington to nurse him back to health. And it also has Fantomex shoot a little kid in the head. Overall, i have to say it’s a significant improvement.

8.Invincible Iron Man #503. Matt Fraction’s best ongoing book. When I see “super geniuses” in comics I always find myself wondering why they don’t fix anything that matters. Reed Richards, Bruce Wayne, Hank Pym are really good at inventing useless but colorful crap. They’re great at inventing bat shaped planes, shrinking gas, and doodads that turn fish into poinsettas, but they don’t fix real problems. They can build a giant robot that sings showtunes but they can’t cure AIDS. They can build a planet sized Scuba apparatus but they can’t do nothing about Global Warming. That’s why I like Iron Man so much. Tony Stark’s all like “Hey, I’m a freaking genius over here. I should do something that matters and helps people & all that stuff.” And then he goes and does it. He just up & uses his god given gifts to systematically go about solving the energy crisis. It’s heady stuff. And it keeps Invincible Iron Man at the top of my pull list every month.

There you have it. See you next Wednesday li’l homey.