Once again Wednesday is upon us. The holiest day of the week is here and with it, here too are a new batch of comics for our enjoyment and edification.
Here are 8 of the best.

1. Walking Dead #84. The last time I read a Walking Dead comic was a traumatic experience. I kid not even a little. Walking dead #83 was so harsh & unforgiving that I had to stop reading it in the middle and collect myself. That’s because i was crying like a little girl. I could not believe what happened. How could Kirkman do what he did? And to Carl? Poor little Carl…. he’s the heart and soul of this series. How can he be made to suffer so? Man that was messed up, I have never seen a splash page used so effectively. Seriously, I turned the page onto a double page spread that just caved my whole world in. Awful, awful stuff. Regular readers know what I’m talking about. Trade waiters need to get with the program, because this series is best read by the single issue.

2.Captain America #617. I like Buckycap. I get a feeling that he’s due to die soon in Fear Itself #3. So let’s appreciate him while he’s still with us. In a Russian Gulag. Buckycap has a sad life. Even if he did get with The Black Widow, it’s still a sad life for Buckycap.

3.FF #2. Jonathon Hickman has got all the juice right now. His Secret Warriors came out of nowhere and hit me in the face like a mugger. But his run on Fantastic Four was a lot more subtle. While Secret Warriors came on like boom! pow! revelation! holy crap what just happened! his run on Fantastic Four invited you in for tea and a discussion of the finer things in life. That’s not to say that there wasn’t a lot of excitement and big ideas in Hickman’s Fantastic Four, because there was. It just didn’t feel like anything could happen. I mean, it’s the Fantastic 4 for crying out loud. They’re The Iconic Comic Book Family. There’s a formula one expects to be followed when it comes to a Fantastic 4 story. But Hickman has seriously flipped the script with the FF. And not just in the really obvious ways like character deaths & roster changes. It really feels like the Richards family is looking straight into the heart of the future now. I want to follow their gaze. I want to see what they’re seeing. I don’t know where you’re going FF. But take me with you.

4.Detective Comics #876 Detective is on point. Scott Snyder knows what he’s doing. And is it blasphemous to think that Dick Grayson is a better Bat-Man than Bruce Wayne? It probably is. But whatever. I’m with team Dick. (BEST comic on the mkt right now-the Eds)

5. Godzilla #2 Godzilla’s appeal had always been kind of lost on me. I felt that maybe he was cool in the 60s or whatever, but there’s been so many great movie monsters since then that I never really understood Godzilla’s enduring popularity. Eric Powell has changed my opinion with one isue.

6.King Conan Scarlet Citadel #3 This comic is full of the very stuff that good comics are made of. It evokes wonder, amazement, fear of the unknown, excitement, thrills, chills, spills. It is all in here. King Conan Scarlet Citadel #2 was the best single comic book I’ve read all year. It was nuts. I’ve never seen a comic quite like it. I felt like it’s the comic book I’d been waiting for since I was 6 years old. Reading it was almost a religious experience. I’m not even exaggerating a little bit.

7.Avengers #12.1 Bryan Hitch is a tremendous talent. He’s been working a lot more than he used to, and his art sometimes looks a little rushed. But Hitch on a bad day is till better than most other artists on a good day. I’m just glad he’s still doing comics. He could probably be making a lot more money doing other stuff. Also, i like the Avengers. So a double sized Avengers comic drawn by Bryan Hitch is a no brainer for me. Consider that shit bought. By me.With Money.

8.Amazing Spider Man #659. I’ve talked at length before about how Dan Slott is just what this title needed. Peter Parker is the greatest comic book character of all time. And everything seems to be going his way for a change. He’s got his dream job, a cute girlfriend, and the respect of his peers, both costumed & civillian. It’s good to see him getting the respect he deserves. It’s cathartic. I’m sure something awful is going to happen to him soon. After all, this is comics, and no one wants to read a conflictless story about a great guy getting treated well by people who value him. But I’m really enjoying Pete’s good fortune while it lasts.