Bmore artist and Transmodern Fest participant Rebecca Nagle has put together a nifty guide to this weekend’s fest. With over 200+ artists performing, it’s easy to get lost. Let her be your guide!

Transmodern this year is epic.  It’s sprawling.  And with nearly 200 artists it’s a little overwhelming.  Below is a little guide, a small sample of some our events to help people navigate the festival.  For complete listings visit the website

If you are into film/video art:
For the program “Projections” Lexie Mountain has curated a powerhouse of video art including works by, Hermonie Only, and Exploding Motor Car to name a few.  Even more crazy than the line up is the location.  You can see projections in the abandoned store front of the old Charles Fish and Sons on Eutaw Pl and Franklin St Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8pm to midnight.
You’ll also want to check out Mediations on Thursday 6-9pm at MAP, 218 W Saratoga.  Stephanie Barber has put together an evening of video mixed with live action.  Be sure to meet Xavier Leplae who biked here from Wisconsin!  After Mediations, head downstairs to the 14K Cabaret to see Nancy Andrews new film Behind the Eyes are the Ears.
Two very special bands will be sharing Floristree’s stage on Friday night.  Electric Junkyard Gamelan is an orchestra of homemade instruments from garbage.  Mucca Pazza is a 30-piece rock and roll marching band.  If you are on Howard Street around 10pm you  might catch them marching on their way to the Floristree show.
If you’re in the listening mood, but want something more low key, visit “Soundbed in the Phantom Elevator” curated by Twig Harper.  The phantom elevator will be open 8-12pm Friday and Saturday nights at Floristree.
And it goes without saying that you don’t want to miss Baltimore’s psychedelic soul powerhouse CELEBRATION on Saturday also at Floristree.
If you’re looking for active participation, nothing could get more active than Rooms Play.  The Copy Cat Theatre has once again organized their epic 30-room adventure-play, in which you the viewer are the main character.  Each room is its own interactive performance, leading you through a similitude of American immigration.  At the Whole Gallery in the H & H building Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
You will also want to grab a burrito and pitch a tent at campcamp Friday and Saturday night in Current Gallery’s back lot.  The interactive campground of installations and performances include Jaimes Mayhew, Kelley Belle, Liz Enz and Cubside Cafe.
At Pedestrian Services Exquisite, you will be able to participate in a love parade, spiritual revival, May Pole celebration, and guided walking tours.  Happening outside around the H & H building on Sunday afternoon and FREE!
Dance / Movement:
Bill Shannon has perfected break dancing and skate boarding on crutches.  His movement based work challenges people’s notion of ability, disability and gravity.  He will be performing Friday night at Floristree and on the street!
Claire Cote has organized the best of Baltimore’s dancers, musicians, video artists, sewers and cultural doers to present the epic video game dance Power Moves Forever Quest.  With original costumes, choreography, music, video and set Power Moves takes Mario to the next level.
Now, Then presents four genre-defying artists at the edge of dance.  At the 14K Cabaret on Thursday and at the 5 Dimension Friday and Saturday.
What makes 2011 Transmodern new and different is that we have taken the format of our festival to the streets.  Not only is Transmodern taking over the H & H Building, Current and MAP, but we are also inhabiting the streets and spaces in-between.  The streets of West-side downtown will be activated with parades, murals, DJ’s, installations, store front projections, food trucks and more!
Visit the 400 block of Howard Street to see 8 new murals by 6 local artists.  The Howard Street Mural project is transforming the boarded up block into an outdoor art show.
If you are around Transmodern Friday or Saturday night you will not be able to miss Dazzlestorm’s “Make It Rain on My Parade.  The roaming sound-garment-performance references “marching bands, beauty products, strippers and all things fabulous and disastrous in Baltimore”.
And last but not least if you are into
You will not want to miss “Travesty at Hand: Puppees, Toupes and Dummies” at the 14 Karat Cabaret on Friday night at 8pm.  This evening of puppetry includes film, performance, digital device, high drag, low drag, hand-cranks and puppets in all their guise and glory. Expect  the dis/embodied and the rearranged, the estranged and deranged, the fragmented and extended body object in all its splendor.
Saturday night’s Floristree show includes DIY theatre troupe Missoula Oblongata performing their latest creation “Clamlump”, an intellectual puppeteer lecture in drag by Marsian and Carly Ptak’s curated attempt to change the impending 2012 doomsday, Antidote to Apocalypse.