There’s a lot of fuss about Miss Cosentino and her current outfit, Best Coast.  Her girl-heartbreak charm and love for California are stamped all over this band, who sound surprisingly grand for a three-piece with no bassist.

Nostalgic surf pop this is indeed, and at times it’s hard to tell if they are a contemporary band or something lost in the 60s.  Bethany is a confident, chatty frontwoman, telling tales of the band’s amateur shtick, while teenage girls in the audience sing along to every word.

As entertaining as she is, the songs merge into one after an hour, with the same sloppy guitar rhythms and diary-style lyrics.   Lazy comparisons to the Vivian Girls aren’t totally unfounded (plus drummer Ali  Koehler left Vivian Girls to join the band), although Bethany is much more of a show woman than Cassie Ramone.

A long instrumental encore shows off the band’s musical prowess, leaving a sold out Arches buzzing with feedback and longing for the summer.

Best Coast performed at The Arches, Glasgow on 27th of April.