If it’s Wednesday, it’s Ian’s 8!

What you’ve heard is true. New comic books are coming out on Wednesday. This very Wednesday. I’d like to share some titles that I’m eager to read with you.

1. Sweet Tooth #21. Everything that everyone says about this book is true. It’s scary, it’s weird, it’s good. All that’s true. But it’s Jeff Lemire’s ability to convey emotions that makes this book stand out to me. The shame and the rage and the fear that he manages to draw in Jepperd’s face is palpable. Lemire draws shame so heavy that you could reach out and cut a chunk of it off the page. That’s heavy shame. That’s Jeff Lemire.

2. Mouse Guard: Black Axe #2. Mouse Guard is the single best looking comic book being published today. If you’re not reading it now, you’ll kick yourself years from now when you eventually do start reading it. Phenomenal stuff for ages 8-80.

3.Atomic Robo: Deadly Art of Science #5. Atomic Robo is like a triple threat. First, he’s funny as hell. Atomic Robo makes me laugh out loud, ruining my tough guy exterior for the world to see.Second, Atomic Robo is cute. He has those round eyes and that Mickey Mouse style can do attitude. He’s really a lot like a Disney character I don’t want to strangle. Adorable. Kids love him. Third, he’s teamed up with Carl Sagan. So there you go. Triple threat.

4.Boys #54. If you like Garth Ennis style mean-ness and misanthropy, you will like The Boys. The current World War Two flash back stuff is just a bloody, nasty mess.

5. Fear Itself #2. Fear Itself #1 was awesome. The pieces are in position, and shit is about to jump off for real. I got my pop-corn and I am ready for some big time summer crossover Marvel Hugeness. I got all emotional reading the first Fear Itself. When Cap got hit in the head with that brick? And he looked around and there was just this huge riot going on all around him? What can one man do against all that anger and fear? He looked so small and helpless in that crowd. It made me afraid to see him like that. I can’t wait to read number 2.

6. Heroes for Hire #6. This is a fun little self contained series. It’s old school without being all compressed and exposition heavy. Abnett and Lanning do their thing like they always do, and it’s fun, snappy storyline filled with twists and bizarre guest stars.Plus, it’s got misty knight as the main character. And she is one foxy bionic lady.

7. Superboy #7. This one of my favorite D.C. titles right now. The art is crisp and clean. And Jeff Lemire (who also writes Sweet Tooth which I also hear is a good book) keeps me interested in a character that I never used to have much interest in.

8.Moon Knight #1. How many Moon Knight series have there been now? It seems like a lot. Didn’t 2 new volumes come out in like the last 3 years? Regardless, I’m looking forward to this new one. Bendis and Maleev know how to do comics about grubby street level characters. And it seems like Bendis has thought up a fun new spin on Moon Knights particular brand of crazy. The one thing that bums me out is the prospect of this book making Scarlet( Bendis & Maleev’s creator owned Icon book) come out late from here on in. As long as I’m getting a steady dose of Maleev art from source I won’t complain though.