Playing the first show of their debut headline UK Tour at Glasgow’s Oran Mor is undoubtedly a special moment for The Secret Sisters. The West End venue is full to the brim with punters eager for a fix of country-inspired folk pop.

Eldest sister Laura is the dominant one of the pair, as she takes the spotlight to entertain the audience with jokes of sibling rivalry about her “baby sister”. Her voice is strong and confident, and she is undeniably skilled in guitar. “Little girl” Lydia, as her sister dubs her throughout, is the shyer of the two and seems happy to play second fiddle, however she has a vocal delivery that would not sound out of place alongside Judy Garland or Doris Day.

Among the many highlights is the girls’ rendition of Hank Williams’ “Your Cheatin’ Heart” which whipps the crowd into as appropriate a frenzy as you can get during a set as low-key as this. Their most popular tracks and the odd cover make up the solid set list, and in theory, a stripped back selection of only acoustic guitar and dual vocals shouldn’t be enough to hold the attention of a rowdy audience, but throughout their performance one could hear a pin drop, with the silence only breaking when the girls are engulfed in deservedly raucous applause.

Their envy-inducing beauty and talent means The Secret Sisters remind one of fellow-sibling pop/rock group The Corrs, and tonight they prove wrong anyone who may think of country music as boring or dated.

The Secret Sisters LP is available now on Universal Republic.

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