As we do every Weds, we’re checking in with the God of Fells Point’s Comicbook shops, IAN! This is Ian and this is his 8 to snag for the week.

Wednesday. What day of the week is holier to the frantic legions of true believers who devour new comics like so many skittles than Wednesday? That’s a rhetorical question by the way. We all know no day can compare to Wednesday.
Here are the first 8 comics I’m reading Wednesday! Wednesday!!!

1. Batman Arkham City #1. Paul Dini kept me into comics in the dreary 90s. Batman the Animated series was my favorite comic book back then. Even though it wasn’t a comic book. Anyways, even though my interest in Batman as a character waxes & wanes as I grow older, I will always get hyped up about a new Paul Dini Bat-man project.

2. FF #3. Jonathon Hickman’s FF is the best super hero comic book coming out these days. Full stop.

3.Northlanders #40. Northlanders is dirty and intense. Reading it is like skydiving with a crazy homeless guy strapped to your back, screaming in your ear.

4. New Mutants #25. Abnett & Lanning take over the title this issue. I like these guys. They have a solid, snappy, old school style of telling super hero stories. They kind of crept up on me after years of reading comics. I feel like I shoul’ve been a fan of them for much longer. I’ve liked their stuff on Annihilation, & I’ve also enjoyed their Heroes for Hire. So I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with characters like Cypher & Illyana Rasputin.

5. Unwritten #25. This may be the snootiest comic I read all week I like mike Carey’s Vertigo stuff better than his X related stuff. His run on Lucifer was really engaging too.I remember buying a new trade of his Lucifer run every week for a while. Unwritten gives me that same super engrossed feeling.

6. Hellboy Being Human. I’m saving this for last. It’s Hellboy drawn by Richard Corben. You can’t just tear through a comic like this and read it in 10 minutes. When a comic as good as this one’s going to be comes along, you gotta sit with it and let it breathe.

7. Wolfskin Hundredth Dream #6. While it’s true that this book is like Conan the Cimmerian on acid, it’s also a lot more than that. This is a Warren Ellis book after all. So there’s a message here. And that message is if you despoil the earth, then wolfskin will splatter your intestines all over the place. Bow before Wrod! The psilosybic mushroom god of yore! Warren Ellis is cool.

8. New avengers #12. One of the finest of 500 titles that Brian Bendis is writing. This is like my comfort food comic book.There are so many funny little throwaway moments in this book. Remember the issue of New avengers where the Hood shot Wolverine in the junk? And Wolverine was all like “This better not grow back crooked!”? Classic.