they love sarko

i got the call two days before it all went down

can i show a film … we need content

it is always a last minute shit show with D4Y

that’s why they are so truly underground

the soiree was in a squat


the spot

sweet smoke

off the back of the butte montmartre

there was a dj

some art on the walls

short films showing


films .. mine and the d4y ones had trouble playing


blowing it out

a place you could paint what you wanted


free your mind

personally i was feeling art brut


that anger face

the epheremeral energy was there

master of ceremonies


jp is the center of the madness

the one an only JP was serving up the love

french militants against the walls saying


they are just people

nothing interesting

conversations were all faux arguments

street theater of the bored

it was so french it hurt

god bess



if you don’t know about D4Y

it is a collective of artist

centering around a tv channel of sorts

that has a cracked view of french politics

and a deep and abiding love of getting high

there are shots of them at political rallies

rolling joints and going on stage

needless to say

there was no shortage of skunkiness at the party



left me stumbling for last metro

thinking the town needs more burritos