Mechanical Bride aka Lauren Doss first hit the radio airwaves in 2008 with her cover of Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’, which she transformed from jaunty pop song to haunting plea by way of morbid piano chords and clattering bells. Her first two EP’s (In The Throes, 2007 and Part II: EPs, 2008) displayed her penchant for dark melodies and languid vocals, earning her comparisons from the press to Laura Marling and PJ Harvey. On her upcoming debut album Living with Ants she claims to have cheered up a bit, with the title alluding to “learning to co-exist alongside niggling issues and worries that we maybe create for ourselves”, however first single ‘Colour of Fire’ continues in the same sombre vein. It is curious this single had a springtime release, as the gentle piano and melancholy strings are far more suited to a crepuscular winter’s day, but Doss’ subdued voice is just as good an accompaniment to the fragility of a Monday morning. The video was shot in the same Berlin building Roman Polanski used for ‘The Pianist’, a fitting setting for a subtly gloomy fairytale.

Colour of Fire is out now and Living with Ants is out on June 6th on Transgressive Records.