One could call Adulthood a joyous romp through sadness. Bright, shimmering melodies and upbeat rhythms serve as the backdrop to melancholy stories of angst, heartache, insecurity and self-deprecation, as CocknBullKid, aka 25 year old Anita Blay, leaves behind the electro sensibilities of her first releases in favour of Motown-influenced choruses and catchy hooks. Take for instance first single ‘Hold On To Your Misery’, a saccharine, doo wop-inspired song about indulging in one’s own pain, or the bouncy disco-pop of  ‘Distractions’ where she pleads to work out a failing relationship. New single ‘Asthma Attack’ is another seemingly dancefloor-orientated track with a semi-desperate chorus aimed at her native London (“you give me an asthma attack”); in short, it’s pop music for cynics. Only the dirge-like ‘Dumb’ sounds dark enough to match its sombre lyrics, with a barrage of distorted guitars nagging away in the background as she regrets the end of a love affair. “I’m ordinary again” she laments as the drums swell to a giant crescendo; this witty, polished record proves otherwise.

Adulthood is out on Monday 23rd of May on Moshi Moshi.