Firm friends since their school days, Ned Wyndham (25, vocals/guitar), Alex ‘Billy’ Hill (24, bass), Josh Martens (25, drums) and George Elliot (20, drums) bonded over their love of 50s soul, roots, doo wop and classic rock. As the first signing to re-launched label Blue Horizon – which helped to launch the careers of Fleetwood Mac and Blondie and has laid dormant since its 1960s heyday – the blues-influenced group have found the perfect home. Scoundrels took time out to talk exclusively to Gutter.

What can we expect from your forthcoming debut album?
Hopefully, a real humdinger of a record! Full of great grooves, riffs, and the occasional quirk. It was birthed during the time we spent in Lafayette, Louisana, with CC Adcock, and in Chicago with Steve Albini, so it’s steeped in those sounds yet with our own Brit sensibilities thrown into the mix. Hopefully, it will also hint at the potential to come, too.

You’re scheduled to perform at a lot of small festivals this summer – how do you rate festivals in terms of bringing music to the masses?
We actually haven’t played many festivals in our time so we’re really looking forward to a summer spent on the festival circuit. It’s ideal in terms of getting loads of people to listen to us, as people are in the mood. Hopefully we’ll have a much bigger fanbase by the end of the summer.

What do you strive to bring to a live performance?
Firstly, as a band you strive to be unique. Give everything when you perform, if you look like you’re having a good time on stage, it’s contagious, and the crowd will catch a little of that vibe and magnetism. We also never want to do the same thing, each performance should be a little different to both the previous one, and the next one, being predictable is boring. We strive to enjoy each and every performance, we’re so lucky to do what we love doing, and we should never get clinical or rigid.

Does being the first signing to the re-launched Blue Horizon label put more pressure on you to succeed?
It was actually one of the most inspiring things ever to be signed by a label that all of us had been mildly obsessed with in our teens. It’s such a legendary label, but far from it being a daunting prospect, we’re all hugely excited, and proud at being given the opportunity to continue the legacy.

Who inspires you musically?
We’ve all got hugely varying tastes in music, literally right across the board. Blues, rock ‘n’ roll, funk, soul, hip hop….someone even introduced us to “donk” music recently, 300 bpm and about as intense as it gets! A couple of bands that we discovered whilst out in Louisiana, Givers and Lil’ Bob & The Lollipops…Givers are fantastic and play Afro-beat, melodic music that is as infectious and uplifting as music gets. Lil’ Bob is incredible. Everyone should be issued with one of his songs at birth. Check out ‘Nobody But You’, and ‘I Got Loaded’.

Where do you hope to be in your career a year from now?
Hopefully, we’ll be a couple of really good albums into our career by then, and well into a year of touring, touring, and more touring. I’d like to think we’d be set to play the festival circuit in really good slots and have a really big following. Looking forward to what the year ahead brings us…


Gulf of Mexico is out on 20th June, followed by their self-titled debut album on 27th of June.