We’re in total love here. Thanks to Twitter, we discovered the incredible work of Canadian artist Rebecca Fin Simonetti who as it turns out, will open her show ARE THEY A THREAT on Thursday at the Penthouse Gallery. This is the solo exhibition of drawings and paintings by Fin Simonetti, who has been in Baltimore for the past six months. This show consists of work she has produced during her time in the US.

The world she paints exists ‘alongside’ or simultaneously to ours, with a different pacing or amalgamation of real things. Rather than working within a narrative structure, Fin aims to portray ambiguous psychological states that arise from a specific pool of images, experiences, and knowledge. The premise of this methodology is that one’s phenomenological experience is the only available reality, and as this lens is inherently limited by its subjectivity, meaning is thereby created in a fantastically exclusive yet multiplicitous way. Fin chooses to work within the framework of ‘fictional reality’ to engage her subjects in honest terms – to acknowledge the strange light that is cast by one’s internal lens. The outcome is not a state of surrealism, but an assertion that one’s experiences of the so-called “outside” world are as emotional, weird, and difficult to determine as they seem.

Hope you can make it, we’re excited about this one!