If it’s Wednesday, it’s time to get the weekly pull list of the GOD of Fells Point comicbook shops, Lord Ian!

Here’s my 8.

1. Amazing Spider Man #662. This is the second of Christos Gage’s fill in issues on ASM. His first one was pretty good. He seems to have Spidey’s voice pretty much down. And even though the whole purpose of this fill in story is to drum up some new readers for Avengers Academy, I ain’t mad about it. Avengers’ Academy is a fun book featuring new characters and it deserves to pick up some new readers.

2.FF #4. I’ve said it so many times that I’m a little embarrassed to say it again. FF is the best super hero comic being made today. Period. Full stop. Last issue, the conversation between Spider-man and the Mad Thinker alone was worth the price of the book.

3. Secret Warriors #27. This is one bad ass comic book. Nick Fury, a character I always overlooked in the past, is suddenly one of Marvel’s most interesting people. He’s like Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven. He’s so tired of tripping people up & killing them. He looks exhausted. But there’s no one better at it than him, so they won’t let him stop killing. I don’t even know who “they” are. But they definitely won’t let Nick Fury stop murdering folks. This book ends next issue, so if you haven’t been reading it, go cop those trade paperbacks. There’s 4 of them now.

4. Godzilla, Kingdom of Monsters #3. I was never a Godzilla fan until Eric Powell started writing this book. It’s funny, and dark, and merrily demented. My favorite part so far was when this kid is trying to keep a pteranadon type monster as a pet, like in a Disney movie. He brings it snacks, and hides it from his parents, all the while happily imagining all the wholesome adventures he and his dinosaur pal are gonna have together. Then his “pet” dinosaur swallows him in one bite. Fun stuff.

5. King Conan: Scarlet Citadel #4. No offense to Barry Windsor Smith, but this is the best damn Conan comic ever. I read #2, and it was like being transported to another world. So weird! So cool! I was so disappointed when it was over. It felt like waking up from a wonderful dream. Also, if you ever wanted to see Conan riding Cthulhu like a horse, this comic book might be your only chance. Because in scarlet Citadel, Conan rides Cthulhu like a horse. That does actually happen.

6. Wolverine #9. Jason Aaron’s Wolverine does justice to the character. He makes Mr. Howlett into a very sympathetic figure, while never letting you forget that he’s probably killed more men than Stalin. That’s gotta be a harder thing to do than Aaron makes it look. One of the cooler parts of issue 8 is watching Emma Frost give a guided tour of Wolverine’s brain. All the things that are on Logan’s mind are hidden behind doors. Doors that have funny labels on them like “X-Men I’ve Had Sex With”, “Secrets of Weapon X”, or “How i Cheat at Cards”. Some of the doors have less funny labels on them, like “Reasons to Hate Myself”, “Self Loathing”, and “People I have to Kill Before I Die”. Wolverine’s brain is intense. More comics should be set there.

7. Detective Comics #877. Scott Snyder gets Batman. Out of all the many, many Bat titles on the market today, this is the one i most look forward to. and I say this as a huge Grant Morrison fan. Batman should be street level & solving mysteries, not fighting Darkseid & getting lost in pilgrim times. Of course, that’s just like, my opinion man.

8.Walking Dead #85. I love this comic book like it was a living person. I cried like I was at a funeral reading the last 2 issues. Seriously, my face was all wet and I was making those gulping noises that people make when they’re trying to catch their breath cause they’re crying too hard. I actually had to put the book down & take a minute to collect myself before I could pick it up and start reading again. That can’t be normal. Other people don’t do that right? I can’t even talk about Walking Dead without getting a little choked up. The way I feel about Walking Dead is how Christians must feel about the bible. I revere this book. If I caught someone burning it, it’d be jihad o’clock. For real.