Sun Araw

A phrase like “experimental psychedelia” rarely works as a fitting description of an artist, but for Sun Araw, it just might. In any case, it works better than “tribal drone,” which is the only way I can describe Sun Araw’s new single, “Crete.”

Plenty of artists pride themselves on being able to cram a bunch of styles together to create music, but few do it well enough to create anything that rises above a virtual recitation of influences. Yet Sun Araw manages to emerge from a cess pool of psychedelia, dub, and ambient with a hypnotic sound all their own.

There’s is a dense blend of textures that creates a surprisingly expansive realm within his music, working always to envelope the listener, but never to overwhelm them. It’s experimental in the loosest sense possible—this is music built with a sure purpose and vision, a fact that comes across brilliantly in the final product. Sun Araw’s 2010 LP On Patrol saw the project blossoming into a full-blown sonic experience, and tracks off the upcoming Ancient Romans show signs of his dub experimentation pushed even further into the ether.

Supporting Sun Araw at the Ottobar this Sunday are M. Geddes Gengras and Run DMT.  M. Geddes Gengras is an increasingly prolific LA experimental artist, specializing in droning analog synth pieces with a distinct lo-fi edge.  Run DMT is a Baltimore group sporting a unique brand of druggy psychedelia infused with spacey electronic work.