france is made up of many parts

France de Griessen

is gutter


street – sidewalk

main stream – underground

neither – both

she is dropping an album

she is exhibiting her watercolors

look for more soon



the press clip read

Singer, performer, actress, director, songwriter, visual artist and watercolorist, France de Griesse is a polymorphic artist who invites viewers into her realm of dreams, poetry and violence.

Strongly influenced in her early youth by punk culture, France embraces a “do-it-yourself” mentality, shrugging off convention in her theater, music and drawing to create her signature style “Romantic Punk” .

Her lil rebellious creatures, tormented souls softened by a pale wash of watercolors give France’s work the feeling of a child’s drawing: their asymmetries and mixing of different dimensions. These visual elements construct her vision of a cruel and wonderful dreamscape where anything is possible, like that of Alice in Wonderland.

Embarking on a journey of pain, wonder and power, “The Cycle of Crowns” explores the cycle of milestones in the life of an artist.