Gutter contributor Vinz also has his moments dabbling in the underground

couple weeks ago he released his latest book

its not really the latest but an old book in a new translation

his latest was a two tomes of pure madness and creativity

or so he tells me

my spanish ain’t what it should be

i digress

the new translation is some where between

moveable feast down and out paris and london

with modern personal touches

Tales of Parisian Ghetto

on camera with JP of D4Y

to launch the book he had an evening of literature, film , music art and stand up comedy

you can't read

in the neighborhood where the book is based

a chilled out little african bar in the heart of the “ghetto”

mind you a ghetto in Paris

is still a nice safe neighborhood in Baltimore or Caracas

it was a fun night

good vibes

check it out

Ghetto Good Times

next we translate it to english

Baltimore here we come

stylish french girls