This week, Sir Ian of the Point of Fells keeps his list refreshingly free of “event” books! Can’t wait to read.

1.Scalped #49. Scalped is cool. Jason Aaron is one of my favorite comic book writers. Isn’t he one of “the architects”? I think he is. If he isn’t he should be. I bet his Schism is gonna be a good X over.

2.New Avengers #13. New Avengers is so damn consistent. Always a worthwhile read. Always funny. Remember that time that Luke Cage got knocked off the top of a skyscraper while he was fighting ninjas? And then he had to take the elevator back up & that “ain’t nothing gonna break my stride” song was playing on the muzak? Man, that was funny.

3. PunisherMax #14. Punishermax is cool. Jason Aaron is one of my favorite comic book writers. Frank Castle Max is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad person. The Punisher’s in jail again. I know this is nothing new for Punisher type characters ( I’m not locked in here with you… blah,blah,blah…) But this feels different. He’s all old and infirm. The inmates can see his weakness in his eyes. Shit is about to down in the old bighouse.

4.Crysis #1. This is based on a video game I think. I don’t know anything about the game ( I hope it’s good). But I’ve been following the artist for years now. Peter Bergting is good. He’s not great yet, but this is only his second comic, & I really expect his style to grow into something really special in the future. Check him out.

5.Robert E Howard’s Savage Sword #2. This is the real stuff right here. It’s like the red meat of comics. Substantial. Bran Mak Morn is crazy good. Did you read that in issue 1? They don’t make stories like that anymore. I think this next issue is gonna feature El Borak. It sucks that this is a quarterly book. I wish it came out twice a month.

6. Ultimate Comics Spider Man #159. It’s hard for me to love the Ultimate Universe like I used to. Ultimatum really changed how i look at the Ultimate Universe, and not for the better unfortunately. It feels tainted, and that’s a shame. So many great stories have been told, and are set in this continuity. One bad story shouldn’t mar my enjoyment of the entire ball of wax. And yet, it kind of does. It’s something I’m trying to overcome, because this Death of Spider Man storyline is the stuff that dreams are made of. Crazy stuff is going on, the character driven drama is clicking, ultimate Norman Osborn is a perfect engine of ego fueled rage. It’s perfect! And Mark Bagley, the only man who should be drawing Ultimate Spidey, is drawing Ultimate Spidey. I really need to get over Ultimatum and just let myself enjoy this for what it is. You know what I mean?

7. Wolverine #10. Wolverine is cool. Jason Aaron is one of my favorite comic book writers. You can just feel Wolverine’s hate and rage and shame just emanating off the page. Last issue when he killed Mystique? Quick and dirty. Blam! Blam! Blam! Snikt! Goodnight gentle shape shifter. Enjoy your well earned rest. Your troubles are behind you now. Until the Hand resurrects you & forces you to to start killing CEOs for them & stuff.

8. Batman Arkham City #2. Any time Paul Dini is working on batman, I’m gonna check it out. It seems this title is based on a videogame, or rather, it’s the official prequel to a videogame. But I’m not going to hold that against it. The art’s pretty good. Kinda 90s looking. But it suits the story well. Also it’s not set in regular DC continuity. Then again, what is these days?

See ya next week!