The latest Cavo Paradiso compilation is so-called because of the construction work the Mykonos club (one of the world’s best according to DJ Mag) is currently undergoing. While this mix could also do with a little tweaking, it’s a satisfying dancefloor-friendly effort from Circo Loco resident and rising techno star Davide Squillace.

First the good stuff. Reconstructions is a record for moving your feet, and there are choice cuts such as the subversive ‘Prostitute’ by Seuil and DoP and the sublimely atmospheric ‘Who Made Up The Rules’ by Agaric.  There are organic, even jazzy elements breaking up the otherwise mechanical rhythm of the mix, such as on Osunlade’s remix of ‘Panamerican’ and Guti’s ‘Wanna Be’, and the esoteric slice of stripped-down techno  that is Isolee’s ‘Taktell’ is an interesting, if sleepy finale.

What’s not so good? Squillace’s predilection for minimalism runs the risk of getting monotonous – unless you’re in the frame of mind for a hypnotic 70 minute groove to get stuck into.


Cavo Paradiso 11 – Reconstructions is out on 15th of June on Nickmar Productions.