Meet CobSOn: a delightful little indie pop trio hailing from Montpellier, France who released their first, self-titled album in late-2010.

CobSOn has the feel of an indie buzzband on the brink of exploding. Their debut is littered with fine songwriting and infectious riffs, fueled by the undeniable charm of Anne Muchin’s vocals and Laurent Bencharif’s smooth baritone guitar play. They own a sound that falls somewhere between the Heartless Bastards and the Breeders, yet their songs have a thrilling immediacy that both bands often lack.

Muchin’s lyrics tend to be obscured on some of the bigger tracks on the album, but on tracks like “Quiet,” where here words are really allowed to shine, she reveals herself to be a skilled wordsmith. Her true power lies with her voice, containing just the faintest French accent within a breathy tone reminiscent of Cat Power’s Chan Marshall at her least unhinged.

Don’t be surprised if you hear lead track “I Won’t Let You Go” on an Apple commercial someday: CobSOn has that perfect combination of pop sheen and dirty guitar hooks that can seemingly be found on TV commercials ’round the clock these days. Yet while most such “Apple bands” tend to fall into obnoxious indie clichés, CobSOn somehow manages to stay fresh by managing to embody them all at once.

“I Won’t Let You Go” and “Like a Bike Without Brakes” are the moderately-paced pop singles; “Spoiled Child” and “Downtown in the Playground” are the emotional female-vocalist-on-piano tunes; “Rubbish” is the slightly-distorted almost-rocker track, and so on. This would be an insult if CobSOn didn’t pull off all these different sounds so damn well, often dwarfing the bands they seem to mimic, and with a style that remains distinctly their own after the album is over. (Eat your heart out, Regina Spektor, Cage the Elephant, and the Fratellis.)

CobSOn is set to have “Like a Bike Without Brakes” broadcasting on BBC 6, so hopefully their much-deserved break is on the horizon. In the meantime, scoop up their excellent debut album now so you can brag about knowing them when the inevitable happens.