We at Gutter love a good cause to get behind. Tonight the good hearted souls at the Current Gallery have put together an impressive show to benefit the storm-ravaged town of Joplin. So check the line-up and come out to drop a fin for a good humanitarian cause! See ya tnght. 🙂

Details from the site:
Joplin Tornado Relief

OUTDOOR Copy Cat Theatre Variety Show and dance party
@ Current Gallery’s back yard, 421 N Howard St (Fifth Dimension if its raining, )405 W Franklin
Friday, June 10 at 8pm
$5 – $10
Being organized by Joplin native and Baltimore local Rebecca Nagle
All proceeds are being donated to the Joplin public school system, which lost four school buildings (including the one public high school) to May’s devastating tornado.
Beer donated by Holy Frijoles

performances by
Copy Cat Theatre
Stephanie Barber
Jenny Graf
Rebecca Nagle
Which Magic
Baltimore Experimental Dance Collective
Monica and Sigrid
Sarah Tooley and Regina Armenta
Theresa Columbus
Madeline Tess Peters
Victor Torres


On May 22, 2011 an F5 Tornado ripped through Joplin MO, leveling a third of the city and killing more people than any other tornado in over 60 years. The tornado demolished an area 7 miles long and 3/4 a mile wide. In the tornado’s path buildings are not damaged, they are gone. I was watching a video of a camera panning an area of the destruction. I though it was on the rural outskirts of town, because I didn’t see any buildings. And then the camera rotated to show what was left of St Johns Hospital and I realized I was looking at where they’re used to be a park and homes and office buildings and this gas station where we’d go buy frozen yogurt. And I was looking at this intersection I had been a million times and I couldn’t recognize it. And thats the level of destruction; its unfathomable. Wanting to level whatever resources have to help Joplin I immediately thought of Baltimore and the amazing community that I have here. So I am calling on that community to help me collect a big bundle money, donations and love to take down to Joplin, to help another amazing community rebuild.

So if you would like to contribute to the to Joplin from Baltimore love bundle you can come to the fundraiser on June 10. Money raised by the fundraiser will go to Joplin public schools, which lost four school buildings, including the one public high school. I am also collecting donations, that I will be driving down to Joplin. You can donate adult clothing, children’s clothing, hygiene items, baby supplies, bedding, cleaning supplies, general house hold items, food and water. Bring donations to the fundraiser! If you would like to contribute, but you cannot attend the fundraiser contact me (rebecca.nagle@gmail.com) about arranging a personal drop off. If you would like to donate directly to a Joplin organization, you can view a great list of organizations accepting donations at rebuildjoplin.org.