Recent Sub Pop signings Papercuts are a one-man project fronted by San Francisco’s Jason Quever. You won’t mistake them for the famous Sub Pop grunge sound, as this is much more dreamy and atmospheric – think more Cocteau Twins than Nirvana.

Lashings of reverb and picked tremolo guitar provide the backdrop for Quever’s understated vocals, which are so breathy at times you have to strain to hear them. Set opener ‘Dear Employee’ has a directive chorus of “Bring me my papers/ Bring me my coffee” in stark contrast to his delivery, set against psychedelic organ sounds that drives the song along. ‘Do You Really Wanna Know’ is a crowd pleaser, laden with hooks and dream sequence vocals. The well received gig is followed by a very tired Quever sitting down with me to discuss.

What does it mean to you to be on Sub Pop?
I think it is perceived, especially in the UK, as a grungy label, but it’s actually very diverse. They are one of the few labels who are very hands-on regarding both the music and the commercial side. They are very different to other labels for that reason.

You are said to be a one man project with session musicians, is that accurate?
Well I am the songwriter and have been for a while; I get in other musicians to tour, which change a lot so it’s interesting to play with different people. The current guys are not session players but friends from other local acts.

Camera Obscura are fans of yours after you toured together. What do you think of the Glasgow indie scene compared to San Francisco?
That’s difficult to say because we just come here, play and leave to go to the next city usually, but I do get on very well with Scottish musicians, such as Tracy Ann Campbell, who is here tonight. But I don’t know enough about Glasgow to answer that more fully.

I read a recent interview with Kate Bush that said she wrote her first album specifically for vinyl, as she wanted it to have two separate moods. Do you write for a specific format?
I like that idea of doing a mood record, and I’m a big fan of vinyl. But I wouldn’t say I specifically write for any format. It is definitely much more a singles business now, with downloads. But I’m still a big fan of albums and records.

What’s in store for the rest of the tour then?
Some press in London tomorrow, a very early flight, then off to France with Bombay Bicycle Club then Germany, Amsterdam and Sweden.

The new Papercuts album Fading Parade is out now on Sub Pop.