Gutter travelled to Loch Ness for the closing day of Rockness festival 2011 with performances from The Wombats, Lissie, We Are Scientists, and of course homegrown talent in the form of Glasvegas.

Formed in the summer of 2003 by cousins Rab and James Allan, Glasvegas have enjoyed mainstream success with the favourable reception of both their self-titled debut album Glasvegas, released in 2008, and recent offering EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\, released in April of this year. We caught up with guitarist Rab Allan backstage prior to their anticipated slot on the Main Stage.

You have been on tour in support of your recent album, how has that been going?

We’ve just finished the main tour. We got back from Italy two days ago, so I’m a bit jet-lagged, to be honest. But the tour has been brilliant, it’s good to get out there and play live.

I caught your gig in Glasgow in April at 02 Academy and thought it was brilliant! How did you find playing to a home crowd?

Glasgow was actually one of the worst nights of the tour, I think. It was at the start of the tour, so it was bit rough around the edges, you need time to get into it, but it was still OK.

You released your second album in April, what do you think of the reception of it so far?

I think it’s building up. People had a lot longer to live with the first album, but it’s getting there. Everybody knows the songs, but with this album, they are still getting familiar with them, but I’ve noticed that people are starting to get to know the new songs better too.

Glasvegas brought in a new drummer late last year, (original drummer Caroline McKay quit the group and was replaced by Jonna Lofgren) how easy has that transition been?

Honestly, it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done. The hardest thing has been trying to have sex with her! James and Paul tried too, but she’s having none of it! (Laughing) No, I’m kidding. It’s been a really easy transition. Firstly, she is actually a drummer, no disrespect to Caroline (McKay wasn’t a drummer but was appointed by James Allan because she “looked cool”), so it’s a lot better, and playing music is fun again.

How do you feel about playing festivals?

(Laughing) I fucking hate them! No, I like playing festivals, I love the being onstage part, that is brilliant, but I absolutely hate waiting around backstage – it’s rubbish!

Is there any festival that you haven’t played yet, but would like to?

Coachella! We were supposed to play it before but cancelled it, so I’d love to go again, and actually play.

Do you still get nervous when playing live?

I get excited. (Laughing) But I’m worried today because my mum’s here and she has a bottle of vodka, so anything could happen!

Upcoming Scottish band Strawberry Ocean Sea supported you on tour this year, how does it feel for you to see Scottish bands like them and Kassidy becoming more prominent?

It’s a great thing! It’s a shame that there’s not more. That’s why when someone does well, we tend to jump on it, because I love Scottish bands, I love Scottish music doing well. Whether I like their music or not doesn’t matter, I think it’s a good thing for Scotland. As soon as I heard them (Strawberry Ocean Sea) myself and James did whatever we could to help.

Glasvegas’ forthcoming single ‘Shine Like Stars’ is available on 18th July.

Photo of James Allan by Nuala Swan.

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