If you haven’t come across Boom Clap Bachelors yet, it’s time to prick your ears up. This collective of DJs, producers and live musicians from Denmark are making waves with their soulful electronica and sleek production – they first caught the attention of Giles Peterson in 2007 and more recently the Innervisions crew included a remixed version of one of their tracks on their Secret Weapons Part 4 EP. Their latest EP, Mellem Dine Læber, (meaning “between your lips”) is sung entirely in Danish and features the honey-coated purr of singer Coco.

At the helm are Robin Hannibal and Ronni Vindahl, who live in LA and Copenhagen respectively, so Gutter quizzed them via email.

Who are Boom Clap Bachelors and how did you get together?
Ronni: Boom Clap Bachelors consists of Robin Hannibal, David Cytryn, Thomas Bisballe and me, Ronni Vindahl. We all met in a record store Robin used to manage where we usually hang and we quickly discovered that we all shared a common interest [in] certain musical genres. What basically gave birth to Boom Clap Bachelors as a group, more or less started out as a weekly get-together where we played each other music we had individually made during the week. We then criticised each other’s work and came up with good advice or improvements. The only rules were that the host should bake a cake and second we should all bring new productions we hadn’t played the week before. After we had repeatedly been meeting for some months we agreed on putting out the best things on an LP, and as we had to find a name for the project we came up with Boom Clap Bachelors.

How would you describe your sound?
Robin: I would call it emo-tronic soul-inspired singer songwriter music.
Ronni: Nice[ly] put.

What can you tell us about your latest EP, Mellem Dine Læber?
Robin: An effort to challenge the conventions of electronic music, where most music
is very functional and repetitive and with very few changes and minimal chord progressions. We try to do the opposite.

If you could choose the perfect place and time for it to be played, where and what would it be?
Robin: Very good question. At a time where you are actually listening properly.

As a collective, is one person in charge of a specific task or do you share duties amongst yourselves?
Robin: The person producing the song is more or less in charge. What that person decides is up to him. There are two songs written by me, one by Ronni, and then one where I collaborate with Liv Lykke, and one with Coco.

Why have you decided to stick to the Danish language rather than use English lyrics?
Ronni: I think we agreed on making the first album (not including the self-titled instrumental LP from 2005) in Danish, because we hadn’t really heard that kind of music sung in Danish before, and maybe also due to the fact that you can cut it more to the core expressing something in your native tongue. That an American label has decided to release our EP despite [the] language barrier is great and we are very much looking forward to see how far it can go…

You’re both involved with other bands (i.e. Owusu & Hannibal, Quadron) as well as releasing solo stuff. Do you set out with very specific ideas for each project?
Robin: Yeah to me it depends on the project and the concept.
Ronni: Yes, I would say I set out specific ideas for each project. I like to work conceptually and when you work with another artist it naturally forms some kind of space that further brings a unique tension to the collaboration. It is that tension I think that opens up the opportunities to take the concept or project in any direction. I also like making my solo stuff as that is never compromised by any limitation, but your own skills – so I think it’s equally as important to work with others, as it is to work alone.

The covers for your releases and your videos are very stylish, do you focus a lot of attention on this aspect?
Robin: It is important to us for sure. We had the same person do a lot of our graphic design. Her name is Sanne Frank and she is amazing. She did both Boom Clap Bachelors covers, the Quadron album and the Bobby EP.

What are you up to next?
Robin: New Quadron and projects with Milosh and Leon Ware.
Ronni: My solo project ”Vindahl” and an eclectic electropop project with a female singer called Karen Marie Groth, some other projects, and eventually the next Boom Clap Bachelors album.

The Mellem Dine Læber EP is out now on Plug Research. Stream it here.