Danish post-punk teens Iceage are coming to the Golden West Cafe tonight for a 10:30 pm show, presented by Unregistered Nurse booking.  Backing them will be Give and Death Domain, w/DJs Katrina Ford (Celebration) + Cullen Stallen (No Rule).

The Copehagen foursome are riding high from their acclaimed debut LP, New Brigade, boasting a dark post-punk sound laced with aggressive hardcore energy. Drawing equally from the manic creativity of Wire and the chaotic force of early-Black Flag, Iceage has the feel of classic teen restlessness forced through a smart, focused filter, resulting in an album that can beat you over the head with blunt guitar noise one minute, and instantly switch to sharp punk melodies the next.

It’s music that makes you want to want to get punched in the head, laugh about it with the guy that just hit you, and debate the merits of his actions later that night over a dozen beers. In other words, it’s everything post-punk should have been, before it got sucked into the toxic mess of arty pretensions, political soapbox bullshit, and bad reggae that killed off the movement.

Iceage has already built up a solid reputation for their energetic live shows, and this will be just their third concert EVER stateside. So frankly, you’d be stupid to miss this one.

To top it off, they’ll be joined by DC hardcore band Give, and Death Domain, a synth-heavy industrial artist who prides himself on covering the Ronettes.