We love you City Paper! City Paper You SUCK! Leftie! Righty! Ummm…Centery (?)
Love or hate the weekly we ALL pick up on Weds like good little ink junkies to pass the time at our hipster watering holes, there’s one thing that pretty much everyone agrees on. The photographers rock. Hard.
Recently, we’ve seen some mighty strong work coming from Bmore’s alternative weekly, esp. the covers.
SO, wanna meet some nice photogs? Want one of those Sisks for you wall? Or a Rah Rah for the study? Or a Sam Holden for the…well..boudoir maybe?
Whelp, now you can have one. For like…nothing. Seriously.
Tmorw night, the CP is hosting a Cheep! Cheep! Photo art show and we want you to go. Not just because, well CP parties are always a good time, but you get to see work by some woefully undershown artists.
Here’s the official rundown. We’re done. Hope to see you there. 🙂 (scroll down for links to the participating photogs samples!)

Original photo prints by original CITY PAPER photographers!
Prices from $5-$20! CHEAP! Cash Bar! DJ Woman spins vinyl!
Featuring the photography of Michelle Gienow, Sam Holden, Frank Klein, Christopher Myers, Michael Northrup, Rarah, Josh Sisk, Jefferson Jackson Steele, Frank Hamilton, and Tim Hill

Thursday June 30, 6-9 p.m.
231-235 Holliday St. (Near Sonar)
(443) 452-1550

Ample parking day & night.