Yeah, it’s been a minute since you’ve heard from Bmore’s BEST female rap duo, the Get ‘Em Mamis. But they back now and ready to tear it up all over again. They’re ready to take back their kingdom as Bmore’s rap Queens.
We caught up with them before their performance tnight at Posh Cavern, a Thursday night dance party hosted by DJ Cullen Stalin and crew.
Here ya go. The Queens of the Cold Summa!

Gutter: First of all, where ya been. The Mamiz have been absent for awhile and people were wondering.
Get ‘Em Mamis: Well…. We were being held on a base in Burnt Corn, ALABAMA for military testing. Roxzi was exposed to gamma rays and turned all green and shit. It was horrible. But More importantly its where we’re on the way too.. and we plan to take you all along for the ride!!

G: What kind of projects have you been working on?
GEMZ: Our project Pop Rocks & Soda has completely consumed us, one of the biggest challenges that we face is that we are both perfectionist when it come to our music so we spent several months going back to the drawing board on this one. We want to make sure the sound on this record stays true to the over all concept. Pop Rocks & soda has to have the perfect blend of all genres to make your head explode.

G: For those new to your music, can you give us a quick history of the band?
GEMZ: We’re Baltimore natives that were given an awesome opportunity by HBO to have our music featured on the Wire, from there things kind of took off and landed us in a few magazines like Fader, Vibe, Playboy, and Rolling stones top 100 singles of the year. After our debut Album “Terawesome” (some where between terrific and awesome) and a very successful tour of the east coast we got kidnapped while working on Pop Rocks & Soda… and here we are.. for the WHOLE story go to

G: Is a new EP comingout?
GEMZ: Hells yes!

G: Has the bmore scene changed since your break?
GEMZ: We haven’t really noticed because our fans are still the same. Anything outside of their love and support doesn’t really affect us. So even if the scene changes we still have the same social responsibility to make you party like the New Year everyday!!!

G: What do you have in store for Thursday night?
GEMZ: Expect the Get’Em Mamis …

Kick off Artscape with a visit to Posh Cavern!
resident DJs : Cullen Stalin . Mark Brown . Uncle Jesse . Ted Dancin’
FREE open bar from 10-10-30 !
$2.50 Boh / $4.50 rails all nite!
FREE before 11 / FREE until midnight w/flier / $5 after 11

Coming SOON:
Jul 28 : Moombahton Showcase w UNCLE JESSE + JON E KWEST : $5 Mojitos and Boombas / $3 Red Stripe til 11:30
Aug 4 : LOUISAHHH! : FREE OPEN BAR 10-10:30 !